The Secret Power of a Personal VPN | What They Don’t Want You to Know

The secret to streaming content.

VPNs are great. Companies around the world use them to create a private network that wraps you in protection from the bad guys when you tap the Internet. We could write a whole blog on VPN security, but that’s what you’d expect. Try InvinciBull Free: from iTunes or Google Play store, or visit us online. But what if I told you a private VPN that is … Read More

Election Security in Plain English | What You Should Know


If you live in the US, you know Tuesday, Nov 6, is Election Day. If you don’t know this, there’s no chance you’re reading this blog because that rock you’re living under is totally working. Congratulations! There has been much discussion about election security and how cyber – using data to manage the vote – is adding risk to making … Read More

Security Hack: How You Can Check Your Cybersecurity Vulnerability at Home

Stay cyber safe at home.

It’s okay to be a little paranoid. Every time you add another device to your home network, you are increasing your risk. But that doesn’t have to be the case. Here are the four things you should manage to have cybersecurity at home. Mobile Devices You need to know what you have and what they do and here’s what we … Read More

Trending: Sharing Personal Information is a Double-Edged Sword

Sharing is a double-edge sword.

This month, Facebook had a significant privacy breach. With estimates varying about the total number of folks affected, (between 29 and 50 million), more than three million users are in the European Union. That’s important because the EU just launched powerful regulation holding companies accountable for breaches. The new regulation, the General Data Protection Regulation, GDPR is the acronym, requires … Read More

Meet Vince on Thursday in Downtown Chicago! Free Food and Fun

Meet InvinciBull at the Cheesies food truck in Chicago.

UPDATE! We are here! Great weather, good food. We have a shot from the food truck and a short video below! Thank you for showing up!      Vince is coming to town and he’s bringing food! Well, he’s really bringing the Cheesie’s food truck to 150 S. Wacker on Thursday, October 18, from 11 to 1pm. That’s when he’ll … Read More

Three Facts About Cybersecurity That Might Surprise You

It's cybersecurity awareness month.

It’s Cybersecurity Awareness Month. Pretty exciting, right? We get excited about it because helping you stay safe is important to us. We hope this provokes thought and helps you discover ways you can do more to protect yourself. Surf, stream, shop safely. Try it free: from iTunes or Google Play store, or visit us online. Fact one: Criminals focus on easy. Sure, you’ve watched Ocean’s … Read More

Research Reveals Why Americans Love Traveling for Work | Infographic

Secret lives of travelers.

All work and no play? Not when Americans travel for business. Turns out, Americans enjoy hitting the road for work. Based on our survey of American business travelers, one big reason they like it is they get to indulge in some fun travel activities – some of it decadent (!). And they don’t share all the saucy details with the … Read More

Internet Security Using a VPN – Protect Yourself on Public Wi-Fi

What’s the Problem? Do you do a lot of online banking? Do you pay bills online using your bank account or credit cards? Do you send private and confidential messages and emails that need to be protected from prying eyes? Let old Vince paint the picture for you: Let’s face it – in the age of connected devices, most of … Read More