A Million Thanks, No Bull

Vince The BullVince

I became a spokes-bull for InvinciBull in September of last year. That’s when we launched our mobile personal VPN that works on both the iPhone and the Android. It works just like our desktop version, providing privacy and security while you surf, stream and shop. Here’s how the marketing folks talk about it.

“We have taken the worry out of using a personal VPN with our ‘always protected’ feature that ensures consumers don’t have to remember to turn InvinciBull on to stay safe when using public networks,” said June Bower, Head of Marketing for InvinciBull. “We attribute the growth to the ease of using InvinciBull, designed to ensure business travelers can stay safe and connect to the content they need, whether on the road or at home.”

June is a lot of fun and understands the challenges of travel. She speaks French and uses the VPN to stream content from France by simply changing her location in the VPN. Here’s a screen shot so you can see what I’m talking about.

Your location defaults to where you are. On our Starter Plan, this isn’t something you can change. But if you’re on the Unlimited Plan, you can “relocate” to anywhere on earth.

I have to say these folks have been working hard. Shortly after we launched, InvinciBull was recognized by Ntrepid as being a leading personal VPN provider, and they moved 4,000 users of their Anonymizer VPN, to us. Soon after, we got a great review from BestVPN! That means you’ve made a good decision to let InvinciBull protect your data.

I’ll leave you with this, from an expert in the field of cybersecurity:

“Having been created by a pioneer in cybersecurity, Finjan Holdings takes personal data seriously and assures that the InvinciBull app does not use or sell customer data,” said Gregory Falco, Ph.D., a cyber security researcher at MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab (CSAIL) and founder of NeuroMesh. “One of the biggest barriers to adopting privacy measures on the internet is convenience. InvinciBull removes that barrier. Every time you access a network that’s not your own, InvinciBull’s ‘always protected’ feature automatically activates.”

How about that!? It makes a bull proud. Remember, our Starter Plan is free and then, when you’re ready to upgrade to Unlimited, do it! It’s extremely affordable and isn’t it worth it to protect you and your family?