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The Center for Democracy and Technology

It’s Vince here with some exciting news! The Center for Democracy and Technology has been doing research on VPN security. They’ve come up with a methodology for vetting VPN’s for the kind of security that protects consumers. They call it Signals of Trust. I’m happy to say InvinciBull passed the test.

The Center for Democracy and Technology works for you, the consumer.

Also known as CDT, the Center is a nonprofit organization that is working to preserve the user controlled nature of the Internet. They are a champion of freedom of expression and the center supports laws corporate policies and technology tools that protect the privacy of Internet users, and advocates for stronger legal controls on government surveillance. With that kind of mission, you can see why I’m so excited about this.

This initiative was started last year by the CDT to help consumers better understand VPN’s and evaluate their trustworthiness. We’ve talked before about the abundance of VPN’s out there and how many of them can’t be trusted. Many are run by folks in other countries or the way their business is structured it’s designed to get your personal information and sell that to make money.

Signals of Trust: Aspirational name, real help for consumers.

The CDT Signals of Trust clarify what an optimum VPN should do for the consumer. The CDT believes VPN’s that protect personal browsing information and behaviors (like what you click on, what you download, etc.) are paramount for true security.  The framework was developed in consultation with several leading VPN providers. Many of them proactively answered CDT’s questions, providing transparency about their data practices. We addressed all of the CDT questions and recommendations in its Signals of Trust.

When we signed the Signals, InvinciBull was recognized as one of a highly select group of leading VPN companies who have chosen to make their privacy practices transparent. What that really means is we are trustworthy. And that’s something I can stand behind. Heck, I can stand with it – side by side – proud to own our commitment to your privacy and safety.

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Protect your ideas with InvinciBull

Protect your ideas with InvinciBull

Protect your ideas with InvinciBull

Protect your ideas with InvinciBull




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