Cool Travel Tech to Get the Big Guy on Father’s Day

Vince The BullVince

Tech for dads on Father's Day

Look, I know I’m a bull, but I’m a happening, connected, on-the-go kinda bull who gets it done for my family. The fam knows I love technology and they work hard to find some of the coolest things when it comes to my birthday and Christmas. With Father’s Day just around the corner, I thought a quick blog about what’s cool might help them shorten their shopping list (wink, wink)!

Feel free to forward this to your family if you see something you like!

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Noise cancelling headphones.

One of the toughest things I face when I’m on the road is noise pollution. You know what I mean: from jet engines to the guy at Starbucks who is talking loud enough to impress you with his “business savvy”, noise is everywhere. Nothing delivers me from all this noise better than my noise cancelling headphones. I accidentally left mine on a train in France, so this makes my top choice (hint, hint) for this Father’s Day. CNET has a rundown on what’s hot in 2019.

Fast chargers.

These beauties charge devices faster than just plugging them in. Digital Trends has a review of what’s hot for 2019. I really like the kind that hold the charge so I can use them on in the airport or at the coffee shop, you know the places where you want to use your phone the most and are similarly most likely to have a low charge.

Friend finder apps.

They have them for iPhones and Androids and these apps show where you are with your permission. I already have an app I use with the family and they squeal with delight – so I am told – when they can see where I am while I travel. It helps the kiddos learn geography and distance and then they use location to see where I was when I took a photo. Review Geek rates the apps.

A travel compressor.

Hear me out. Remember the last time you went on a trip and bought presents for the family but had to carry them home on the plane because you couldn’t fit them into your suitcase. BAM! I give you the travel compressor. It’s a little vacuum that sucks the extra air out of your suitcase thus “compressing” the contents so your stuff will fit. Sure it’s a little bit extra, but isn’t it worth it travel hands-free yet still making the kids happy when you get home? Take a look at this one and this one.

What’s your favorite travel tech? I’d love to hear from you. In the meantime, have a great Father’s Day however you celebrate.