Using Cybersecurity as a Competitive Advantage Will Delight Your Customers

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Cybersecurity as a competitive advantage.

We live in a world that is no longer inherently trustworthy. Layering innovation, technology, and a daily pace that rewards doing things quickly, we are faced with making decisions all day long. We decide who and what to trust with little consideration. But that’s changing as we learn of breaches, fake accounts and even election tampering via social media. The biggest gift you can give your customers is helping them stay safe.

Our expert explores how cybersecurity provides value.

Dr. Greg Falco, an advisor to InvinciBull, holds a PhD in Cybersecurity from MIT. He teaches at Columbia University, Harvard and MIT and researches cyber risk management and cyber AI at Stanford and MIT. He recently wrote a compelling article on the value businesses like hotels could deliver by offering their guests access to a personal VPN.

“The bonus of offering personal VPNs to travelers are myriad: international travelers may be able to relax a bit more by viewing content that is typically blocked abroad. According to a survey of over 500 international business travelers conducted by InvinciBull VPN last year, 39% of all international business travelers say they have been denied access to content they want to see while outside the U.S., whether it’s a livestream of a sports event or a movie through a subscription platform.” Read more

Any time we jump on a public or free network, we are at risk of someone grabbing our credentials or our data. Most hotels offer guests access to this shared, free network. By allowing guests access (potentially as part of a loyalty program) to a personal VPN – one they have vetted to ensure it’s trustworthy – could be perceived by customers as a valuable service.

Hotels are a start; other businesses could also provide security.

Adding security to an offering could be a competitive advantage for many kinds of businesses. That’s because a personal VPN is easy to provide and the cost is nominal. Anyone who offers free wifi is a candidate for providing VPN access. This could work for a small coffee shop or Starbucks; a shopping mall or Macys. The good news is your commitment to customer safety will add value to your brand, while protecting your customers. It’s a win-win.

InvinciBull was recently recognized as one of a select group of leading VPN companies who have chosen to make their privacy practices transparent. What that really means is we are trustworthy. And that’s something we can stand behind. If you’d like to learn more about using VPNs as a competitive advantage, let us know!

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Protect your ideas with InvinciBull

Protect your ideas with InvinciBull

Protect your ideas with InvinciBull

Protect your ideas with InvinciBull




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