FBI Recommends VPNs for US Political Campaigns

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FBI Recommends VPNs for US Political Campaigns

The InvinciBull Secure Democracy Initiative provides a free personal VPN for campaigns committed to security. Yes, it’s absolutely free and can be used by anyone who works for a US political campaign – both paid staff and volunteers – for the length of the campaign.

Doing our part to protect our democratic process.

We are a US-based company that doesn’t collect personal information. Protecting your privacy is our top priority. Our business model is proof. We don’t rely on advertising or selling data to others; we are a subscription-based model you can trust. In fact, we have been listed as trustworthy by the Center for Democracy and Technology.

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The FBI, through its Protected Voices project recommend US political campaigns use VPNs to protect their information. Watch the FBI video below to understand the risk volunteers and staff face when using public wi-fi – a risk that’s almost impossible to avoid based on the very nature of campaigning.

FBI Video: Protected Voices – Wi-Fi

Harvard’s Belfer Center published a campaign playbook, which advises campaign workers — paid and volunteers — who want to use public wi-fi to take the necessary precautions beforehand. “When traveling, or before you set up your campaign office, avoid public wi-fi services as much as possible and use trusted wi-fi networks wherever possible,” the authors wrote, adding “Where possible, staffers should use a VPN. VPNs help protect against intruders when on public wi-fi.”

FBI Video: Protected Voices – Virtual Private Networks

Still not convinced? This is too easy to ignore.

A personal VPN means you don’t have to worry about integrating it into your overall IT security strategy. Instead, it shifts the responsibility to individuals committed to their candidate and keeping our elections protected. Simply download to mobile devices (and we have a desktop version as well) and turn it on. The personal VPN does the rest. If you still don’t understand the threat, our infographic provides details.

There’s absolutely no reason to put your campaign at risk using public wi-fi. Get InvinciBull VPN for your team. Turn it on and you’re always protected. InvinciBull is a US-based company and we are sticklers for privacy. We don’t collect or sell your data, ever. Contact us democracy@invincibull.io to get started.