Using a Personal VPN – How-To Trust a Network

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How to Trust a Network

If you’re new to cybersecurity, it’s likely you have no idea what it means to trust a network. It’s an important feature and it will make your life much easier once you understand how it works.

Fossbytes breaks networks down into three types:

  1. A trusted network – this is a network that you know is being managed and protected by someone you know or trust. This can be your home network if you require a password, or it could be your company or bank network because you know someone is monitoring both incoming and outgoing traffic (data).
  2. An untrusted network – is one that can be a private network or public – like the free Wi-Fi that you use at your local coffee shop, airport or hotel. We generally consider all public networks to be untrusted.
  3. An unknown networks – are really just a subset of untrusted networks because you simply don’t know if they are secure.

Why you might want to trust a network.

If you know a network is safe – this is more often your password-protected home network – you can trust it to speed up your connection time. It will also allow you to enjoy sites that block VPNs, like Netflix or Hulu. Most personal VPNs are quite fast these days, but there’s no reason to have a VPN running if your home network is secure.

I often have to temporarily trust a network when I’m at a hotel. Like so many, I typically fall asleep watching The Office (or Frasier) and to stream Netflix, I must temporarily trust the hotel network. I turn trust on, fall asleep and then make sure to turn the VPN back on as soon as I wake up. I use my phone to do a lot of things at a hotel, and most of that I want protected by InvinciBull. But streaming isn’t going to put me at risk.

How do you trust a network on InvinciBull VPN?

You can do it with both our Free and our Unlimited Plans. Tap on the hamburger menu in the upper right corner (the three yellow dots) and choose Auto-Protect. You’ll see the network you’re currently using under “Currently Connected Wi-Fi Network”. Tap the plus side and that network is now trusted. If you need to untrust a network, swipe left on the network name and hit delete. It’s that easy.

While you’re there, and you’re using our Unlimited Plan, turn on Auto-Protect. That feature makes sure InvinciBull VPN automatically turns on any time you use an Untrusted Network.

Don’t forget, you can load InvinciBull VPN on all your mobile devices and your desktop computers. Your Unlimited subscription keeps your data safe no matter where you go.

Try InvinciBull at no cost – no credit card required.
We have a freemium model – give us a try at no cost and without a credit card – toggle the location feature and see how InvinciBull VPN can start protecting your ideas today. We’ve been named a trustworthy VPN by the Center for Democracy and Technology.

Protect your ideas with InvinciBull

Protect your ideas with InvinciBull

Protect your ideas with InvinciBull

Protect your ideas with InvinciBull



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