I’m Vince the Bull. Let Me Hook You Up with Entertainment that’s Private and Secure

Vince The BullVince

Vince can hook you up!

My name is Vince, short for Vince the Bull. I’m the corporate spokesbull for InvinciBull, the coolest VPN there is. I love tailored suits, deep sea fishing, and getting heated over sports. All sports except bull-fighting, that is.

I used to be a Wall Street trader with a whole lot of swagger. It was during that time that my eyes were opened up to the value of a VPN. You see, a friend of mine got his laptop hacked into while the two of us were at a local cafe on our lunch break. His bank accounts? Emptied. Files? Corrupted with malware. Well, that was enough for me to charge out of there and go completely drill sergeant on my online privacy. NEVER again would I put my trust in public WiFi.

I shared my story online, where I was approached by the good people at Finjan Mobile. They were enthralled by my passion (who wouldn’t be,) and offered me the position that I have today. My job at InvinciBull has given me the chance to see all the beautiful sights our planet has to offer, whilst doing what I do best – Advocate for a safe, secure, VPN that keeps my data protected from hacking and tracking. You need a VPN. Don’t take my word for it, the FBI says, so, too. Watch this YouTube video.

If you want to read about my adventures and travel tips, check out my blog! Since I’m InvinciBull’s world class traveler, you’ll be sure to hear a lot of stories from me about hot spots all over the globe, from the bars and restaurants to parks and stadiums. InvinciBull also makes it easy to stream content no matter where I am, so I promise to keep you updated on what I’m watching while on the go.