Internet Security Using a VPN – Protect Yourself on Public Wi-Fi

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What’s the Problem?

Do you do a lot of online banking?

Do you pay bills online using your bank account or credit cards?

Do you send private and confidential messages and emails that need to be protected from prying eyes?

Let old Vince paint the picture for you:

Let’s face it – in the age of connected devices, most of us do these things on a regular basis and we are all exposed in new and dangerous ways.  Whenever you connect to public wi-fi in coffee shops, airports or hotels, you run the risk of cyber-criminals hacking your device. Although extremely convenient, public wi-fi just isn’t safe.

When you sign in to public wi-fi, you are basically sharing that network with a lot of other people. People you have never met and do not know.

What’s worse, many hackers target public wi-fi networks because they are easy to hack. They often create their own public wi-fi hotspots disguised to look like the official one offered by the business you are visiting. NOT GOOD!

And if you fall into the hands of one of these cyber-criminals, they will get your data – and trust me they will not use it with good intent. Prime targets of internet thieves include your bank account or credit card login credentials and transactions, emails and private messages.

Protect Yourself on Public Wi-Fi!

With InvinciBull, all you have to do is click the connect button. Immediately, you will be securely connected to one of our anonymous IP addresses. You literally become UnTrack-a BULL!

You are now free to surf the web privately – even when you are on public Wi‑Fi.

How does InvinciBull make me safe?

Vince is into military-grade encryption!

Once you connect to the internet using InvinciBull, everything you do online goes through a military-grade encrypted connection. Think of it as a protected pipe through which everything you do online travels. No one can see what goes through that pipe baby! NO ONE!

Protect Yourself on Public Wi-Fi with InvinciBull today!

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