InvinciBull Welcomes Anonymizer Customers

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Welcome Anonymizer customers.

Welcome Anonymizer customers! The transition has happened, and we hope you can access the InvinciBull VPN.

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InvinciBull was hand-picked by Anonymizer as a trusted partner that Ntrepid believes will uphold the same commitment to its customers. Customers can now use InvinciBull for VPN services for all existing Anonymizer subscriptions at no additional cost. The InvinciBull VPN service promises is faster and provides an improved user interface.

InvinciBull delivers more for end users.

“I am extremely proud of the work Anonymizer has accomplished over the years. Since those early days, the landscape for consumer privacy has changed radically – modern tracking technologies have extended far beyond simple cookies and IP addresses, and users need protection on mobile devices now more than on desktops,” states Lance Cottrell, Chief Scientist at Ntrepid.

“InvinciBull’s mission of protecting devices from malicious content on the internet aligns extremely well with Anonymizer’s value and we are very excited to join forces with the Anonymizer brand to keep protecting their consumer customers,” said June Bower, Head of Marketing for InvinciBull.

“We believe that individuals deserve access to innovative tools and technology that protect their online activity. We are committed to serving Anonymizer’s loyal customers and providing them with the privacy and security features they have come to expect.”

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