Merry Christmas 2018 | Have a Wonderful Holiday

Jennifer CaroleVince

Christmas 2018

Readers have asked, “Vince, how do you spend the holidays?” and I’m happy to share. You might be interested to learn I get a little stressed out during the holidays. Not so much from the hustle and bustle, but I think I get so focused on trying to do “all the things” it feels more like an obligation than a celebration.

But this year, it’s going to be different.

The family decided we are focusing on doing one special thing, all of us together, and the rush for buying is over. I mean sure, I’ll get stuff for the calves, the youngsters deserve to open something special, but after the morning is over, we’re all going out to do some gleaning!

Granted, there’s not a lot to glean in the middle of winter, but we’re going to tackle an old pumpkin patch. We’ll gather up the orange squash and then my little heifer cans it and we have pumpkin all hear long. Lest you think I’m a sexist, and likely I am, she does the canning because I have tried and failed. While she’s canning, you can bet I’ll be wrangling the kids and getting them ready for bed.

Christmas 2018Then, after the kids are worn out from doing something together, and a nice fire is burning and I’m alone with the wife, I am going to surprise her with a cow bell that’s unlike anything she’s ever seen. It’s an antique I picked up in Vermont – big cow bell country Vermont – and I hope it’s the envy of all who see it. Alas, knowing the wife, she’s going to decide it’s “too nice” to wear and it will sit on a shelf.

I hope you have a great holiday.

I need to get back to work around here. It’s time to deal with that Elf on the Shelf. Is it wrong to hide him in the oven?


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