Three Facts About Cybersecurity That Might Surprise You

It's cybersecurity awareness month.

It’s Cybersecurity Awareness Month. Pretty exciting, right? We get excited about it because helping you stay safe is important to us. We hope this provokes thought and helps you discover ways you can do more to protect yourself. Surf, stream, shop safely. Try it free: from iTunes or Google Play store, or visit us online. Fact one: Criminals focus on easy. Sure, you’ve watched Ocean’s … Read More

Research Reveals Why Americans Love Traveling for Work | Infographic

Secret lives of travelers.

All work and no play? Not when Americans travel for business. Turns out, Americans enjoy hitting the road for work. Based on our survey of American business travelers, one big reason they like it is they get to indulge in some fun travel activities – some of it decadent (!). And they don’t share all the saucy details with the … Read More

Internet Security Using a VPN – Protect Yourself on Public Wi-Fi

What’s the Problem? Do you do a lot of online banking? Do you pay bills online using your bank account or credit cards? Do you send private and confidential messages and emails that need to be protected from prying eyes? Let old Vince paint the picture for you: Let’s face it – in the age of connected devices, most of … Read More

Protect Your Privacy with a VPN

It’s a fact – government agencies, law enforcement, Internet Service Providers (ISPs), public search engines and popular social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter add to the threat of hackers, spies, and eavesdroppers in giving internet users reason to worry about their personal or corporate privacy online.   They all spy on what you do online, and it happens here … Read More