The Beauty of a Personal VPN – One Less Worry in Your Life

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Stop worry with InvinciBull VPN

You know cybersecurity is something you think about at times. It worries you that your information could be stolen. In fact, the chances that your information has already been grabbed by one of the millions of breaches reported in the last few years is extremely high. We don’t want you to worry.

But there’s good news. There are things you can do to reduce your worry about your own cyber safety as well as the kids or other family members (like your parents). They aren’t likely to understand the risks and yet they love to get online using their phones or computers to:

  • Shop
  • Surf
  • Stream

And so much more.

There is a lot of talk these days about VPNs.

A VPN is a Virtual Private Network that is used to protect the information you send back and forth via the internet. Most people don’t think a lot about the wi-fi they’re using because it’s so easy to use at home. But then we leave the house and search for free wi-fi to save money and get faster speeds. My favorite spot is Starbucks; but free wi-fi is available at many places these days. Alas, information shared over these free networks is what’s putting you at risk.

We are used to providing information when asked; information as simple as log-in credentials for Facebook to usernames and passwords for banks or shopping sites. In fact, on a shopping site you’re likely to put in even more personal information like your credit card number, expiration date and CVC (Credit card Verification Code) – the very code that supposed to prevent your card be being used without authorization!

On top of that, it’s easy to forget and provide your home address and personal phone number; some sites also ask for birthdays. With just this information, your identity can be stolen and your financial life turned into a hot mess. All thanks to a hacker that was able to grab your information off an unprotected network.

A VPN creates a private channel on the network.

With a VPN, you have a “virtual” private network, meaning the connection is exclusive to only you. Whatever information you send via that connection is encrypted so even if the session was intercepted by a hacker, they couldn’t read the information they captured. The encrypted data means nothing to them. You are protected.

So if you’d like to remove one worry and keep you and your family safe, try using a VPN. Ours is free to try and is committed to keeping your information private. We are US-based (most VPNs are not) and we will never sell your information to anyone. Our business model is based on subscriptions, not advertising.

Try InvinciBull at no cost – no credit card required.
We have a freemium model – give us a try at no cost and without a credit card – toggle the location feature and see how InvinciBull VPN can start protecting your ideas today. We’ve been named a trustworthy VPN by the Center for Democracy and Technology.

Protect your ideas with InvinciBull

Protect your ideas with InvinciBull

Protect your ideas with InvinciBull

Protect your ideas with InvinciBull



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