Personal VPNs | What You Must Know Before Choosing

Jennifer CaroleVPN

What you should know before buying a personal VPN

There are hundreds of personal VPNs out there. Most of them are very affordable. The trick is, they are responsible for protecting your privacy, but if you choose the wrong one, you’re may be putting yourself at more risk. This article from Slate outlines many of the issues and it might give you a headache. In an effort to cut to the chase, we’ve summarized the big issues below.

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Top considerations when choosing a personal VPN

Country of origin: many, many personal VPNs are from China. In some cases, this might be hidden from consumers. That means they don’t have to follow our laws or rules about cybersecurity.

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Personal information: the business model for many personal VPNs is to gather subscriber data and sell it. Typically, that’s your demographic information. But it can be crazier than that. If the vendor doesn’t comply with our laws, they can steal anything they can see – including entering passwords, uploaded and downloaded content, and what sites you visit – without consequence.

InvinciBullVPN: We never use your personal information (we barely collect any) for anything other than delivering our service. We believe your privacy is paramount.

Advertising: another common business model for personal VPNs is to embed advertising in the app. That means you’re paying for a service that is also serving you ads. If the ads match what you’ve been doing online lately, you know they are accessing your behavior while you’re on their VPN. You shouldn’t have to pay to see ads. Moreover, what you do should be your business, not theirs.

InvinciBullVPN: Your paid (and unpaid) subscription means no advertising. Advertising is not part of our business model. You’ll only hear from us; no one else.

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