Protect Your Privacy with a VPN

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InvinciBull makes you untrack-a-BULL
It’s a fact – government agencies, law enforcement, Internet Service Providers (ISPs), public search engines and popular social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter add to the threat of hackers, spies, and eavesdroppers in giving internet users reason to worry about their personal or corporate privacy online.


They all spy on what you do online, and it happens here in the US and all over the world.


Even if you have nothing to hide, you don’t want your browsing history and personal data free for anyone else to see, track and use – right?


Many of these agencies have a lot to gain from gathering and distributing your personal information more widely – whether it’s for political purposes, criminal investigations, as leverage in identity theft or extortion schemes, or simply as a profit-making tool in selling data to advertising networks and marketers.


Protect Your Privacy with a VPN – How Can InvinciBull Help?


One of the primary benefits of using a VPN is protecting your privacy online. Here are a few of the ways that InvinciBull can help:


1) Hide Your Online Activity From Your Internet Service Provider With a VPN


Did you know that your browsing data can be sold. Let me say that again – YOUR BROWSING DATA MAY BE SOLD!


Recent US legislation now allows US ISPs to legally collect, store and sell all of your browsing history. That’s right – they can sell the data they collect about you to advertisers, investors and anyone else they like. Online privacy in the US is becoming a thing of the past.


One of the primary benefits of using a VPN is that it can protect you from the prying eyes of your ISP, safeguarding not only your privacy but also cloaking any information you give out or collect online. With a VPN, the most that your ISP can associate with you is the fact that you log onto your VPN service, on a regular basis. So they won’t be able to make an easy profit from selling information about you, now that Net Neutrality is dead.


In simple terms, your online activity is private and no one can access it – period.


2) Block Ads and Cookies With a VPN


Many websites insist on dropping cookies into your browser cache – or require you to disable any ad-blocking or anti-tracking software, before allowing you access to their precious resources. Another of the benefits of using a VPN and InvinciBull is that it offers a unique solution to this dilemma: It’s the only mobile app combining a secure web browser with a fully-fledged VPN service.


3) Mask Your Identity and Location With a VPN


Giving you a choice of connecting from dozens of locations across the globe, and using the latest technologies to hide and scramble the data you use online, the VPN masks your identity and location. And the browser incorporates a privacy scanner which gives a complete view of every third-party site or service that’s watching you, gathering your information, or reporting on your activities.


What Makes InvinciBull the Best Choice for You?


To fully ensure privacy, VPN protection should be extended to all your devices – and with a paid subscription to InvinciBull, you’ll have unlimited data, and VPN coverage for all of your devices. That’s right! One subscription provides protection for all of your pcs, laptops, tablets and mobile devices when using them in your office, home, or on public Wi-Fi networks.


Vince’s Take


Wherever you may be, always check the local laws and regulations regarding the use of a VPN.


And unlike so many other VPN services, InvinciBull is upfront and clear about what it does with your data, with a transparent Privacy Policy outlining how subscriber information is handled. This is really important because many other VPNs don’t let you know what they do with the information you give them. Go figure!


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