The Secret Power of a Personal VPN | What They Don’t Want You to Know

Jennifer CaroleEntertainment

The secret to streaming content.

VPNs are great. Companies around the world use them to create a private network that wraps you in protection from the bad guys when you tap the Internet. We could write a whole blog on VPN security, but that’s what you’d expect.

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But what if I told you a private VPN that is just for you, a personal VPN, had secret powers that make streaming content much more fun!?! Do I have your attention? You can surf, stream or shop safely and here’s what else you can do:

Stream content from all over the world.

“Wait,” you’re thinking, “I can already do that. I just have to find what I want to watch and off I go.” You shrug, noting you look rather hot in the outfit you chose today.

“That’s what you think,” I say cagily. “But what if I were to tell you that the only stuff you can stream, is what you can see?” I can see this has you thinking.

“But it’s Google, I can see everything,” you counter. You weren’t born yesterday.

“Can you?” This is my favorite part. “Did you know you can only see what a content provider wants you to see because of your IP location?” At this point, I’ve lost my mom. But you understand.

“How can I change my location?” you ask, catching on.

“That’s where InvinciBull comes in. You get a personal VPN that does all the security stuff, but it also lets you change location – like from the US to France or Germany or Japan!” the smile on my face is huge.

“With an app that costs less than a cup of coffee per month, I can stream content from all over the world?” the look of wonder on your face is awesome.


My work here is done.

Hide in plain sight.

It’s actually pretty simple and really powerful.

Because companies like Netflix, Xfinity and others license content based on geography, what is available for public consumption varies. For example, you travel to Paris, but you’ve been binging on Making a Murderer. In Paris, it’s not licensed yet (and it’s in French) and so you can’t keep binging. But with InvinciBull, you can change your location to the US, grab brie, pan and vin and you’re set.

Sports are significantly impacted by regional licensing fees. If you’re into sports that aren’t in the American mainstream, a personal VPN can be life-changing. Same for any live event that might face geographic limitations. Let’s face it, the streaming world is your oyster with a personal VPN.

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