Three Reasons I Feel Bullish about Thanksgiving

Vince The BullVince

Why I feel bullish at Thanksgiving

I make a great tofurkey. I use poultry seasoning, fresh sage and lots of seasonal vegetables. You aren’t surprised, are you? I love Thanksgiving, being with the family and watching the games. There’s nothing better than a bunch of happy faces around the table. But I draw the line at eating my neighbors.

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Thanksgiving is when I think about what’s important to me and how much I appreciate the good things in life. Regardless of what else is going on! Here’s what I’m celebrating this year:

1. Thank you to the new faces using InvinciBull.

Yes, of course I’m bullish on using a personal VPN. I hope all of you out there relying on InvinciBull to keep you safe when you surf, stream or shop, are enjoying InvinciBull and are resting easy knowing you and your family are protected.

2. Thank you to my InvinciBull team.

Great services are provided by great people and my team makes me look good every day.

3. Thank you, Pamplona, for celebrating my fine brethren every July.

The festival, known as the Chupinazo, features sangria, waterfalls, music, and excitement. At the strike of noon, the words “Pamploneses, Pamplonesas, Viva San Fermín! Gora San Fermín!” fills the air, and just like that, a rocket is lit and fired off into the sky above Pamplona, and absolute chaos ensues. Bottles of champagne and gallons of sangria are tossed into the air, and the world’s biggest party is underway! My friends get to run through the streets for eight days, chasing silly people who think they can out run us. It’s a hoot! [Watch and see!]

While we’re talking, I’d also like to bust a myth that’s perpetuated by the folks in Spain. Here’s the scoop: many of you were raised believing we don’t like red. The truth is, we love red. I mean look at the InvinciBull logo! What we don’t like is people moving things in front of our face! That’s what makes us hot. Look, you want to see how adorable we are? Check out my friend who stopped working and retired on a farm.

No matter where you are, no matter whom you’re with, please have a very Happy Thanksgiving from me and all of us at InvinciBull.