Use Your Personal VPN to Make the World a Better Place

Jennifer CaroleCyberSecurity Tips

Make the world a better place.

Yes, that sounds a little Pollyanna, but it’s possible and it starts with you. By changing your location, you have better access to local news and information. You can get more in-depth information because you’re presumed to be from the country you choose, and this allows you to see more than you might if you are using a US-based IP address. The how-to is below.

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If you put that little trick together with information just released in a new book by Ryan Enos, The Space Between Us, you’ll see his research shows that geography is a factor in how we deal with each other and our society. He has an interesting story about a key difference between Tucson and Phoenix despite being in the same state (Arizona). He speaks about this:

In Arizona, 30 percent of the population is Hispanic. In Tucson, you have people who have largely lived together for generations, Anglos and Hispanics, in a more integrated way. In Phoenix, people live in the same metro area, but Anglos and Hispanics are very divided from each other, and the presence of groups that are large and segregated is the worst possible situation for social geography. That is what leads people to think that those groups are very separate and have nothing in common, and that ultimately affects their political behavior in a way that makes them confrontational and at odds with each other.

In this case, he’s talking about physical geography, but if you add the idea of how information is shared, and I believe he does that in the book, being bound by geography adds another divide. Just reading information in the local vernacular can provide clues to what is really going on. It can also help us be better international travelers and business people. And as a natural extension, all that understanding one-another almost has to make the world a better place. Doesn’t it?

Give it a try and let us know what you think!

How to get more local news:

  • Choose the device that’s protected by the VPN (if you’re using InvinciBull, you can download on all your devices). It’s likely set to the United States.
  • Visit and see what comes up.
  • Go into InvinciBull and change your location – maybe to Japan or Russia or for those who know don’t know other languages, the English-speaking country of choice.
  • Now put in and the news should have changed. It should have detected you are from the area and as such, you have access to more information.

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