Want Something Unique for Christmas? Shop Online in Other Countries!

Jennifer CaroleEntertainment

Find something unique for Christmas

One of the hidden powers of a VPN, is it lets you change your location, so you can mask your true location. This is great for video streaming, but you might not have known, it will allow you to shop some stores that block people from the US.

They block, not because they are evil, but because you aren’t where they want to ship or it’s too complex to deal with international orders. But that might not be the case for many merchants. There’s a good chance you can finagle your way through anything, now that you can actually see their site.

Here’s an example:

  • Choose the device that’s protected by the VPN (if you’re using InvinciBull, you can download on all your devices). I am assuming your location is set for US.
  • Visit Amazon.com. You should be seeing the US site.
  • Now go into InvinciBull and change your location – maybe to England or Australia or for those who know other languages, the country of your choice!
  • Now put in Amazon.com and you should be sent to the Amazon site for that country. Now, yes, I know you can do that with Amazon today, but imagine smaller stores who aren’t the size of Amazon.

With a simple location toggle, you’re off to an international adventure, with access to the in-country things you might miss since you left.

Special note: if you’re on the InvinciBull Starter Plan, you’ll need to upgrade to our unlimited plan.

If you score some awesome swag this Christmas using this technique, let us know or send us a photo! It’s always exciting when our customers discover new ways to enjoy the safety of a VPN.