Support Questions & Answers

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Support Questions and Answers
Contact us for more help.


One subscription can be used on all your supported devices and at the same time.

InvinciBull has apps for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android.

Our IP's are dynamic in order to keep you safe and secure.

We have 60 server locations and continue to add new locations.

We log email addresses and usernames, that's it.

InvinciBull uses the highest level, military grade encryption in order to keep you safe.

InvinciBull allows you to sign in using your Facebook or Google accounts. You can also create your own unique InvinciBull account with a valid email address.

Unlike the mobile versions, InvinciBull desktop apps do not automatically update.   The existing version must be removed first to ensure no conflicts with the new release. This is done when you download and run the installer of the new version of the InvinciBull app for Windows or Mac.

InvinciBull alerts customers of new releases gradually to ensure a smooth transition process. 

A range of issues might prevent you from connecting to a VPN server location or accessing an online service after connecting. For immediate assistance, please contact the InvinciBull support team .

No. With InvinciBull, there is unlimited streaming with no service slowdown.

The best way to reach the InvinciBull support team is by visiting

For instructions on canceling your subscription, you must go to the online store where you purchased the app. If purchased directly from the InvinciBull website, contact us at .
Google Play Store
Apple Store

InvinciBull accepts payment via most major credit cards.

The reality is, internet traffic can slow any connection to a halt. When you connect to InvinciBull, your Internet Service Provider then connects you to the website your are trying to visit. If their network is congested, your connection will be slow. Here are a few suggestions:  1) change server location, 2) use a wired connection for desktop, 3) try connecting with another device, 4) restart your device

Before reaching out to the InvinciBull support team, try using another device or another internet connection.

Try uninstalling the program then reinstalling again. For immediate assistance, please contact the Invincibull VPN Support Team .

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